Sales Across the Metaverse

Sales Across the Metaverse

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The Metaverse refers to the concept of a global virtual space where anything can exist. In marketing, the term metaverse refers to all other products marketed. Essentially, the metaverse describes a universe that connects all things, including people and things. Through the metaverse, marketers can easily communicate with people anywhere in the world through digital media.

Selling is an essential marketing strategy that helps businesses grow. Businesses use selling to communicate their products or services to the general public. Essentially, sales help companies promote their products to people. However, there are different ways to sell, such as online or in person. Sellers often use persuasive techniques to convince people to buy their products.



Despite the pseudo-failure of Facebook with the Meta brand where it sought to promote the development of the metaverse, it does not mean that a metaverse no longer exists, in fact, there is more than one company with a social network structure that already exists such as VR Chat, VTime , Horizon Venue and the list really expands to 20 or more, but these are only the main ones where brands are already entering to sell their products through these platforms.

Tactile Gloves VR

The engineers who work with virtual reality technology are trying to ensure that through tactile gloves one can feel what is being touched but also feel the hardness of the object that we are touching, Today they are working on that, but at this moment the tactile gloves have already achieved that you can have an experience about the sensation when touching that product.

For example, something similar, but on a smaller scale are 3D social networks, among the best known, IMVU and Second Life.

Second Life, unlike IMVU, has hundreds of real companies selling products and services through these platforms, in fact, the number is much higher in the case of services.
Selling services is not as complicated as selling products, so how do you do it?

Many users put together a character with which they identify, through the platform, they dress it for free, if you stop for a second, their character itself often replaces the model or store mannequin with the difference that the user He completely identifies with this character.


Business Strategy Unnoticed in the Metaverse

Companies promote their real products through the platform, users may or may not dress their character for free, when the character has a complete outfit it is when it motivates them to try that same outfit in real life, then they can go to the nearest store to buy it or buy it through the internet if it is through the internet, then an even broader market can be reached, which can generate sales to an international sector.

”Being able to dress the character with products from anywhere in the world, being able to have those clothes that he could never find in his country and being able to combine them in a way that really represents him is something that today is practically non-existent as a sales strategy.”

It is one thing for you to see the product on a web page and another for the character with whom your audience identifies to be able to model it, walk, jump, run, get excited, dance while wearing the clothes and get an idea of what it would be like to have them, In addition, while interacting with other people, you can easily tell if other people like your outfit or not.

Although it is true that you can be more successful with clothing, there are still not many companies of this type except for the most recognized brands, such as Nike or Adidas, why? It really is because the metaverse is still a very distant concept for many companies, a concept that is believed to be complex and perhaps challenging to incorporate into a business strategy, but under the right strategy it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the first instance, it is not necessary to develop a 3D store, in fact, it could be as simple as the virtual showcase that you currently have on your website, the real difference would be in transforming all those products into 3D.



It is true that 3D designs in themselves for a simple objects are usually expensive.

But there is something very interesting today, especially on these platforms, which is the use of a 3D mesh to be used with different products, not just clothing, the mesh can be used for clothing or any type of object that is going to be created, under that mesh model that belongs to an existing creator, this creator can obtain income for each 3D product sold, but not for the physical sale because that is already another medium.

The designer gets some 3D tokens or coins from the platform, which he can then monetize, which would be like paying a professional.

Designs on that mesh are easier for a designer with basic knowledge of 3D to develop and then upload the product to the platform.

You could also have a specific mesh made that represents the unconventional models that each brand may have.

If you are looking for different channels where you will hardly find competition, you must already be working to be here before it is too late.

3D Mesh

Industries with more Opportunities in the Metaverse

Clothing and Decoration Companies, your moment is now and you should start to
focus on it.

From transferring the product to a graphic design until later transforming it into a 3D product, today the VR Suit already exists, a whole garment with the ability to feel sensations, for the moment mostly developed for games, so that the impacts can be felt, but large companies are supporting the development of being able to feel what it is like to have a garment on in various situations, to the point of seeing it on in the 3D world and feeling that sensation.

haptic clothe

Service companies, it is much easier, ideally to develop a 3D local to incorporate in the busiest rooms offering participation in sales to their creators in case of purchase, so that they become promoters.
This is an underdeveloped strategy as well.

Gastronomic Companies and Perfumeries, their moment… no, it’s not exactly now, so they have time to plan for it. There are already prototypes of virtual reality glasses in which odors are released through a print-style system that combines odor patterns for a certain sample and that the user can have a sensation of the real odor, from perfumes to the smell of wine or food.

This system is still expensive but in 2022 this technology became “open source” which means that any developer in all parts of the world can replicate it and thus find ways to make their technology cheaper and have better ways of implementation.

odour machine or olfactometer

When IBM decided to make its Watson artificial intelligence system “open source” about 7 years ago, in just 3 years companies in all parts of the world were already seeing great revolutions in different sectors. We cannot even think that in these years the speed of development will take 3 years, it is very possible that it will be less, moreover, it is relative to the complexity of development.

Experience Companies: Tourism, Educational, Transportation, Entertainment, Beauty Salons and Health, the strategies can be very varied in each one of them, I must mention that I have not seen practically any company in this sector on these platforms or at least well developed or with some objective other than promoting their brand and this characteristic seems to be the most developed of the majority since they only promote the brand but without much content.

For example, a school can offer the study experience through virtual reality, not only as a sample but can even offer real classes, with live participation of each of their students who can be found in different parts of the world.

It should be noted that the products or services offered do not necessarily have to be in 3D, the experience can be 360, which also implies keeping the Virtual Reality glasses.

And if you thought that transforming your products from graphic design to 3D would only be useful for the metaverse with Virtual Reality glasses, then it would be necessary to specify and detail that it will also be useful for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, but that will be the subject of another article.

The time for its development and project is today because when there is more competition there will undoubtedly be more parameters and smaller markets.

It is necessary for this type of project that the company already has an order on the way of working since this model will be brought before a variety of people, so it must previously have its own secure web page with a payment platform.

If you want to develop this type of project, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day and thanks for reading

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