My experience with AI in my new book: 3000 AI Prompts – The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize 30 Industries.


Hi everyone! Today I want to talk to you about why I haven’t been posting many entries on my blog lately. The truth is that I’ve been immersed in a project that has taken all my time and energy: writing my new book on 3000 prompts about artificial intelligence.

My experience with AI (artificial intelligence) dates back to 2015, when my company partnered with IBM Partners and I had the opportunity to work with some of IBM Watson’s technologies. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the possibilities that artificial intelligence can offer to businesses of all sizes and industries, as well as independent professionals and entrepreneurs.

Since I started writing on ChatGPT, I realized the potential that artificial intelligence had. However, while searching for techniques and tips, I realized that most of the prompts were focused on design, marketing, and advertising, and there weren’t many resources for other industries. That’s why I decided to create prompts for different industries, starting with 10 and ending with 30.

tarzan using the ai in a smartphone

As I wrote each prompt, I realized that each artificial intelligence had its own personality and that it was important to treat them differently from each other. With each update, these intelligences became more and more natural and less robotic, which meant that asking things politely could lead to more effective responses. As technology advances, we may have to wonder if AI expects to be treated more like a human being or if developers want us to continue maintaining a speech eloquence to avoid being like Tarzan: “Build House”, “Plan Trip”.

I also discovered that there are no impossibilities for AI, as long as you know how to interact with them and how to ask the right questions.

My biggest surprise was discovering that AI can do things that were previously considered impossible. As a result, my experience with artificial intelligence has led me to write this book, which I hope will be useful for all those interested in this fascinating technology.

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I have incorporated all of these discoveries into my book, which is currently available in English and Spanish on Amazon, Hotmart, and my website, which you can access via private message. Additionally, I will continue to explore new technologies and update my second book with valuable information about the world of artificial intelligence. Of course, anyone who purchases the first book will receive special benefits and access to more advanced knowledge that will be available in the third book, assuming I am able to write it and have the time. This means that before the third book is released, readers will have material to work with at a higher level without necessarily having to look for prompts outside of the book.

Here are the links to the book:



You can learn more about the book here:

If you have already purchased the book, please leave a comment. Otherwise, I am interested in hearing about your experience with AI. Use the hashtag #experienciaconlaia on Twitter to share.

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