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I want to start by mentioning that everything that I will mention is ideally about how to work from home DIGITALLY, if it is not your case, I still recommend this article as well as the following that I will do on this topic because you can find a lot of use in it to apply it in your day to particular day or job.

Como Trabajar desde Casa

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Both in this article and in the following ones I will try to be specific, mentioning the details and straight to the point, because TIME is important for everyone.

Skip all this part and go directly to “Regular Hours” if you already have a computer and a cell phone with which you feel comfortable to work on your projects.

Let’s start with the basics, a computer and a cell phone obviously with internet, without a doubt if you are reading this article it is because you have some of them, however since here we can begin to improve our productivity.

If we are going to do administrative, logistical or financial office work, we do not need much more than a computer or laptop for 400 USD and a low or medium range cell phone, those that are acquired in major department stores work well.

For those who want to create graphic designs, web design, 2D design and basic 3D designs, we have to think about other types of computers and cell phones, because using the basic ones would make the programs take longer to run, especially if you are going to work more than one design at the same time and more than one program. Normally the minimum required in a computer would be 4 GB of RAM memory on a 1 terabyte, 3.30 gHz hard disk. With Windows 7 (if you can still get it), if the Windows you have is 10 your RAM would have to be 8 GB or have a basic NVidia Video card. 500 USD

For those who plan a heavier work like animations, Video editing, advanced 3D design I recommend 8 RAM plus basic NVidia Video card. 700 USD

However, for what I am going to talk about in this article, it is not necessary to have such high budgets although I recommend a minimum invested budget of 500 USD in mainly HP and Dell brands.

From this base on we move forward …

said all this... How to work from home in Canada?


Meeting schedules is the basis of working from home, self-discipline is the key to maintaining regular schedules, you must know well what you want so that little by little you can comply with self-discipline is not easy, because being at home it is easier for distractions to arise.

Tricks for self-discipline.

VISION BOARD: in the spaces that you use most often like your room or office try to have your dream map, 6 or 8 images that describe the dreams you want to achieve in life like a car, live in a country, travel somewhere place, a cell phone or a happy family life, etc) if it is not easy for you to have those images and put them together you could put them as wallpaper on your computer, you simply order them in Power Point, Paint or Photoshop and save them as an image, locate the folder where you saved it and set it as your computer’s wallpaper. This vision board represents the present objectives that every company has.

Mapa de Visión

CHRONOTYPE: you have to know your type of sleep, the dream that works for some does not work for everyone, most talk about getting up very early, however some people feel better working at night than during the day, when you force your dream schedules to what “supposedly is better”, instead of working better you do it worse, the truth is that there are people for whom one schedule works more than another due to their chronotype.

My chronotype is  Wolf and this has meant being criticized as a sleepyhead hahaha, it was a blessing to find this material, because now I know that the Lion or Bear schedule is not for me and I realize that I work better, being much more productive, with the right time to my chronotype.

If you want to know which one is yours, just check the descriptions with which of all you identify the most.

a. Wolves: they prefer to start their day during the afternoon, the evening schedule suits them well to work, taking advantage of their constant energy from the beginning to the end, since during this time they have more energy or vitality, which is why they do not usually get up early. It is recommended to drink two to 4 glasses of water in the morning to feel more fully. Its best schedule is between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for the development of complex or more urgent tasks, exercise after work is vital, ideally after 11:00 p.m. you should turn off any digital distraction. It is considered that 10% of people in the world are wolves.

The image shows the ideal chronotype, remember that you can adapt it according to your reality.

cronotipo oso

b. Bears: they tend to get up early, the 8 hours of sleep are sacred and for the middle of the afternoon onwards their energy drops completely so they can hardly stay awake all night and even worse at dawn, it is estimated that 50% of the population belongs to this chronotype.
For a bear, the hours of highest neural productivity for relevant tasks is from 10:00 am to 12:00.

The image shows the ideal chronotype, remember that you can adapt it according to your reality.

c. Lion: In this case, lions tend to wake up very early and they love to take advantage of that time, “the hunting time when the prey is still sleeping.” You should take advantage of the early hours to concentrate your most relevant tasks, for this type of chronotype it is important to exercise at least two hours after meals, as long as it has not been too heavy in meat, it is recommended to consume what is necessary and above all rich in proteins. they usually need to take a nap of at least 20 minutes after lunch to be able to continue.

The image shows the ideal chronotype, remember that you can adapt it according to your reality.

cronotipo leon
cronotipo delfin

d. Dolphin: is the type of person who usually gets up several times during the night, can suffer from insomnia, is disturbed by the minimum noise, it is difficult for them to work in the afternoon and can have an irritable personality. Ideally, they should wake up in the morning when they are looking to find sleep again by fluttering in bed, a breakfast rich in protein, satiating foods and carbohydrates in addition to a stable eating schedule avoiding naps so that you can sleep better at night .

The image shows the ideal chronotype, remember that you can adapt it according to your reality.

If you want to know more about the chronotype and find out more about how to work with it, you can search about it, here: Dr. Michael Breus.

Schedules: Now that you know what your chronotype is, you can set up your schedule. Create a schedule in Excel or open Google Sheets and start to vertically put your schedule from the time you should get up until the end of the day, mark the hours when you should be asleep.
Horizontally add the days of the week. Remember that you can also do this in Google Calendar if you feel more comfortable with that tool or in any case you can do it with Trello.

Respecting your sleep schedules is a good base to start as well as knowing your CHRONOTYPE and using it as if it were a super power! Looking for chronotypes for nutritional health will help you with your goals.

With this in mind, you just need to add the third solid base that is your meal schedules.
Add a breakfast, lunch and dinner or lunch schedule.

There you have it STRONG base schedules of Sleep, Work, Health and Food. Here you can see some examples of schedules: Schedules in Excel

Time Tracking: If you like to have control of time and productivity times without a doubt the application Toggl o RescueTime, they will help you.
With these applications you can keep track of your time and it will provide you with detailed information on the moment in your most profitable day.

To-do list: To help you with your schedule in a more fluid way, I would recommend using the application Fabulous on your cellphone. I remember the first time I used it and how it helped me focus and comply with every detail because organization and discipline was my weak point, I was one of those people who used to carry all tasks in mind added to a bigger problem … The procrastination the Molotov cocktails of not meeting goals quickly.

I remember the first time I used it and how it helped me focus and comply with every detail because organization and discipline was my weak point, I was one of those people who used to carry all tasks in mind added to a bigger problem … The procrastination the Molotov cocktails of not meeting goals quickly.

If you want to know more about how to take advantage of this application, you can leave me a comment.


The fact that you are at home and simple tasks can be done with members of your household does not mean that you should be available at all times for them, concentration is important for solving problems or creating alternatives, you can print your schedule at your door or digitally send your schedule to the people in your family so that they try to respect their times.


In case you have to go shopping or meet with clients, it is always a good idea to have applications on your cell phone that help you with the organization of your day. You can use ColorNote To add pending notes and differentiate them by color, for example you could create a note of the foods that are missing in the pantry, things to buy at home, calls that you should make, etc.
And this you can combine with Ike, an app similar to ColorNote that will help you organize notes according to your Focus, Goals, Postpone and what you should Accommodate.


Spending 4 or 8 hours at the computer sitting (or more) is not healthy, nor for your eyes, your hands or your legs the health risks are high that intensify over the years. But it is difficult to know when to take these breaks because sometimes we are so focused on what we are doing that we do not realize the time.

For this you can count on a very good application called Toggl Extensión. With this extension you can use its Pomodoro service that you will find in the settings, it will help you control the rest time after having programmed an activity, which you can take advantage of to do basic exercises such as walking, stretching, opening and closing your hands and eyes.



One of the guidelines of “how to work from home” is to have your organization chart ready.

After having completed all of the above, you are ready for the next step.
As I added lines above, I used to have everything in mind besides that I used to record my files on the desktop, that is, on the start screen of the computer and some things I saved in a single folder, sometimes in different folders that had particular names of that moment, but one day my desk was full and I could not find a file, that day I realized that there was something that had to change.

I started to RE-ORDER my folders. My first goal was to leave the desktop with only the shortcuts to the programs I used most frequently and then sort each and every one of my projects into folders and subfolders.

The glory!

When I was finally able to have all my folders sorted, I had everything sorted, from the music by musical style (which allowed me to find like 300 repeating songs that I deleted) to my budgets, file formats, images, videos, all organized in folders as if office areas are, for Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Production, the basic areas of most companies.

So YOUR FIRST CHALLENGE is to organize all of your documents so that you can find what you want quickly. Once you do, you will have reached a very important step towards the excellence of “How to Work from Home”.


Because having your documents in order will allow you to do 3 very important things.

1. IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO YOUR FILES when you upload them together to Google Drive, that way you will be able to access your files in case you are not at home and you need any of them.

2. UPLOAD FOLDERS TO PAGES OR SOCIAL NETWORKS that allow you to organize some kind of specific category, for example Behance, which is a recognized design portfolio. Having your images already sorted helps you better organize your virtual portfolio.

3. ORDER YOUR DOCUMENTS IN THE CLOUD, when you feel that some folders are no longer going to be used but you want to save them in a place that does not occupy an important workspace, you can save them in, compress them and save them there with the same category name.

well, one more …

4. CREATE YOUR PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION CHART, once you have a type of personal organization that suits you, you can use the tool Conceptboard has many attractive features however at this point you can create your concept board on your organization chart. Its free version should be enough for you to work with it, in this way you will have your organization present, but also make a map of how you can reach your goal based on your organization chart, know which areas communicate, which are the processes They must be followed, an exceptional order that allows you to reach your goal if you know how to get the most out of it. If you want me to write an article on this topic, you can leave it in the comments box.
Here is an example of my own ConceptBoard that I create for my organization.


It has nothing to do with a beauty salon if that is what you are thinking, possibly it is a topic that is hardly touched or known, in fact most of my clients did not use any of these when they came to their companies to inspect how they worked, while if I went to their competitions without having to investigate very thoroughly, I could realize how much they used.

We will start by talking about the simplest.

BOOKMARKS: they are nothing more than direct access to websites that we use very or infrequently. For example, when you start on the internet in the Google search engine and suddenly you need to enter your email, instead of writing in the Google Mail or Gmail search engine, all you have to do is click on an icon with the image of the Gmail that It’s in the top bar near the link name.
In my case I have basic shortcuts such as Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, my own web page, We Transfer, PDF converter, etc, with a single click I am already on any of those pages, if you handle bookmarks professionally you could have 30 or more quick access pages.

FIXED TABS: When you open a web page you will see that in the upper left corner is the name of the web that you have opened plus an X. If you do not have other tabs open, it is most likely that you can read the name of the site completely.

It is very common for people to work with 10 or 15 tabs open, however when they finish the day, they turn off the computer or close all the tabs and the next day they open them again by typing each one of them again.

You save more time fixing the tabs, just by right clicking on the tab and selecting ” Fix Tab ”. This way you can open it the next day even if you close the browser. You can fix as many tabs as possible. In few cases the tab closes completely even after being fixed, for example if the power goes out at some time of the day or if the user is changed.

By fixing the tabs you can open your project where you left it or in the line of the article where you stayed or the point of the video that you were watching or as simple as saving for later a task that you are going to carry out with that website.

EXTENSIONS: These are generally located on the right side of the link in the search engine after the star. These extensions can make your life easier in various aspects that you need to develop such as the Pomodoro Extension, take a photo of the entire page with GoFullPage Extension or record the screen with Screen Recorder, shorten a link with URL Shortener or make all tabs save With Panic Button, if you want to know where to find extensions that can help you according to your field, you should find them in the Chrome Webstore, most of them are free, just check through the comments that they fulfill what they promise so as not to have too many extensions, just remember that you can set the most relevant ones to be displayed on the main screen.

A few weeks ago I did an article on The 5 Best Web Automations, I recommend that you read them, as they can complement what is mentioned here to work from home with better productivity.

marcadores, extensiones y pestañas fijas
Pestañas Fijas en la parte Superior. Extensiones al lado del enlace principal, Marcadores debajo del enlace principal


This is an authentic JEWEL, at least for me, understanding this concept is what separates you from what it is with what it really is, if it is possible that we have reached the philosophical sector, but clearly important, because this defines the strategies to take to achieve the objectives of your mental map that by applying this strategy you can connect it to your ORGANIZATION CHART to achieve that objective.

I created this strategy when I had all these tools, the visual map and the organization chart, if this concept of ” The map is not the territory ” belongs to NLP, if you understand this concept you will be able to strengthen what I call the 3 maps, I must To mention that this strategy is aimed especially at FREELANCERS or people who do not work FOR a company but WITH the company, it is not so much philosophy I hope.

The important thing at this point is to identify your MENTAL MAP, which is a construction of what you have been learning over time, how you have perceived the world and how you value one thing or another, which are your beliefs on some subject, in this way You have been creating that MENTAL MAP to be able to recognize yourself in that territory, relate and work in that environment.

In this MENTAL MAP nothing is real, everything is ILLUSION, it only becomes real when you materialize it, but it can take years to achieve just one of them, you must also recognize what you really want to achieve your goals.

That is why you need to make your own MAP to understand yourself, it is necessary for your BRAIN to know what is happening in its environment, because it is that you make this or that decision from the least to the most relevant, ask yourself the question, can I change it? Improve it? Enrich it? Can it be done in another way? question yourself learn to accept that things can be different or better.

It is important that you understand that when you give an opinion you are not doing it based on reality but based on the INTERPRETATION OF YOUR REALITY, because we all have a different INTERPRETATION despite seeing the same MAP, this is because we apply different filters of according to our personal development.

When you question yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to start changing the FILTERS and begin to see the obstacles and difficulties in a different way, you become more creative, being able to solve things that would not normally be part of your usual way of facing those problems, but You must be aware that you do it with a knowledge base not necessarily your own but that you can apply, develop and work on it, because you know how it works and what the objective of it is to help you achieve the desired goal.

Ask yourself if the way you see the world helps you.

And now that you know that the MAP is not the TERRITORY, you only need to complete your ORGANIZATION CHART plus your MENTAL MAP how to unite it through this strategy so that you can achieve your goals.

” The map is not the territory, the word is not what it describes. Whenever the map is confused with the territory, a “semantic disturbance” is created in the organism. The disturbance continues until the limitation of the map is recognized. ” Alfred Korzybski

el mapa no es el territorio

” When something in you tells you that it is impossible, just look at how it can be possible or done in another way”


After the philosophical part we will end with a tool that will undoubtedly make you program better.

There are several types of CRM or Customer Relationship Management, which is a technology to manage all the relationships and interactions of your business with customers and potential customers.

There are various types and from different companies, however the ones I will recommend here are Salesforce, Bitrix 24 y Trello,

the last 2 have a free version. Trello is not specifically a CRM, however there are guides and videos on YouTube where many people teach how to make it work as such.

With a CRM you can provide a quality service every day, this means growing your business but not only that but focusing on what really matters during your work.

As for VIRTUAL STORES there are also several, however the best are Shopify, Woocomerce y Ecwid, The last one is the easiest to install of the 3 and has a free version so you can easily post your products on your website, although I would recommend you go for its paid version since the same store can also install it on Facebook and Instagram As well as creating a point of sale on your mobile, it also allows you to know the status of your sales and your products through an Ecwid platform.

Although it is obvious, I will still mention it, the fact of having a link to your PayPal, QR code or your payment platform from your bank so that they can make the transfers

tienda en linea


This point about is very important, since it is common that the space where we work over time begins to fill up with things and even worse with things to eat.

An orderly and uncluttered space provides the feeling of greater organization and order, the desire to work consistently and calmly, this is the same as when you see your room tidy, there is consistency of discipline.

Do not have your food on your work table, it will make you want to eat and it is very normal in sedentary lifestyle to eat because of anxiety, anxiety that the same work carried out offers.

An additional fact, if you are in a confined room with little ventilation it is always a good idea to have a small pot with a plant and also to have a jug with water and a glass to keep you hydrated.

Believe me that with these three details that seem perhaps small they will help you a lot for your work.

Espacio de Trabajo Despejado


And if you love music as I do, you like to do everything with it, do it, the correct music can make you feel more rested or concentrated, if you are reading text in Spanish, avoid that the music is in Spanish, you can get confused. What do you read, as if you are reading in English and the music is in that language.
An additional trick in ‘how to work from home’ try listening progressive, positive, happy or uplifting music.
Enjoy what you do.

y recuerda… ”La vida sin compromiso, no es vida”

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