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Product Design / Digital Marketer / Art Director


Make the brand closer to the End-Users

The initial premise of the company was only to manage social networks by creating content and referring complaints to the corresponding area. However, I was interested on solving main problems with my abilities and knowledge so I made an additional proposal.

The goal for this project was to bring the brand closer to end users, strengthening their loyalty, which would become an organic word of mouth strategy

The ambition was bigger, to reduce complaints through a multi-platform strategy, to be a real support from the perspective of the end user in the office to strengthen their loyalty and with that base to welcome new users avoiding repeating the cycle.

post design and video design


Jul 2013 -Jul 2014


Product Designer, Digital Marketer, Art Director


User Research, Define, Ideating Sketching, Designing, Branding, Color Testing, Graphic Design, Video and Audio Edition


Peruvians from 18 to 75 years old 

Project Vision

Euroamerican Assistance is an assist card which brings assistance to travelers during their stay abroad. Enjoying a trip with the support of travel assistance accompanies the tourist during their journey, being a help at the time they need it with a follow-up of the respective case.

High Level Goals

  • Research and implementation to improve the company’s Communication with Users and make it closer to them.
  • Support the graphic art for a new area related to them.
  • Create seminars to bring the brand closer to travel agencies.

Before the Redesign





2012 2013 1

Web Features

video presentacion


Understanding the Users

User Research

There are 3 main user identified:
The End User (B2C)
The Travel Agent (B2B)
The Company Sellers

Main Strategies:

  1. Accompany sellers to their visits, analyze interactions and agencies.
  2. Analyze positive and negative emails from end-users as well as publications made on the company’s fan page and in other media.
  3. Analyze the service locally to end-users.
  4. Analysis and interviews with the sales team, the supervisor of the complaints and support area.
  5. Know the main problems of each area through interviews.



The initial data collection was in two phases:
The first phase began by accompanying the sellers to their appointments with the travel agencies. The main goal was to analyze the interaction between sellers and agents. Understand the challenges that vendors and agents have for the promotion of the product.
The second phase was to go as a client to other related agencies and see how their attention is when providing information on the brand’s assistance to travelers.


Research with Workers and General Managers



During the first phase I went with the sellers to 7 travel agencies. Everything seemed normal, the interaction between the sellers and the travel agents was exceptional, the company’s advertising was always more visible than the competitors.

However, in the second phase, everything was different. I attended 8 travel agencies.
When going as a end-user, the company’s advertising did not appear as relevant as in the previous cases, and the travel agents initially offered the competition’s assistance card.
When I asked about the attendance card that I represented, they pointed out its disadvantages.

I had the opportunity to see how their attention was with other clients, most of them did not know they had a particular travel assistance card in mind.

Leaving suspicions behind, I highlight above the appropriate strategies in the face of events

Approaching the brand directly and giving it greater importance from this point would be the initial strategy, without neglecting the indirect way of creating value activities for travel agents.


The secondary phase of information collection was divided into 4 parts: Collect positive and negative information through emails to support, messages on Facebook, report of recurring complaints and review through other digital media indirectly linked to the Euroamerican page Assistance.




Finding patterns is finding raw gold. A continuous pattern of complaints originated from the null or almost null understanding of the difference between travel insurance and travel assistance, as well as the clauses that, despite being delivered to users, are not read or understood.


Analyzing customer service would provide me with information about the interaction between the service staff and the customer, as well as the development of each one of them in the corresponding area.

Customer Service



The attention was excellent, however some clients did not review the general conditions even though they had time to do so.
Opportunities were found so that the client can have the opportunity to know the details of the general conditions during the waiting time.


The interview with the sales team helped to identify some needs that the team needed in terms of software to improve their interaction with travel agents and save time.

While the interview with the Supervisor of the Claims area revealed the continuous problem of clients who did not know the difference between an assistance card and travel insurance, the problem of not reading the general conditions being recurrent.


The interview with the sales team helped to identify some needs that the team needed in terms of software to improve their interaction with travel agents and save time.

While the interview with the Supervisor of the claims area, revealed the continuous problem of clients who did not know the difference between an assistance card and travel insurance, the problem of not reading the general conditions being recurrent.


There are 3 Personas identified.
The End User
The Travel Agent
The Vendors

Problem Statement

Martha is a retired housewife who wants to travel securely because she plans to travel to different European countries.

Name: Martha Vasquez

”I don’t understand when they make things very complicated”

Persona 1 Mujer de 65

Age: 65
Education: Diploma
Hometown: Ucayali, Peru
Occupation: Retired Housewife
Family: Husband, 3 Sons
Tech Skills: Medium
Personality: Nervous


  • Enjoy her trip and know interesting places.
  • Know that she is protected from health problems during her stay.
  • Have real assistance in any eventuality with your luggage.


  • They do not answer or are delayed in the attention of any requirement related to the service.
  • When they say that the service does not offer complete coverage in the place that I attended.
  • When they say that coverage does not apply to some health cases.


Martha Vasquez is a retired housewife from Ucayali, Peru who wants to travel to different countries in Europe
She gets frustrated when she has problems while traveling and the service doesn’t work the way she thinks it should. 

Problem Statement

Carolina Zamudio is a travel agent who needs a good product for her clients and the best compensation for her company because she wants to grow her business.

Name: Carolina Zamudio

”What is new, what is different”

mujer de 35 agente de viajes persona 2

Age: 36
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Occupation: Travel Agent
Income: 2k USD per Month
Family: Husband
Tech Skills: High
Personality: Active, Funny


  • Offer travel packages with quality coverage for incidents during the trip.
  • Obtain a good profitability of the business and grow as a professional in that field.
  • Have a good quality of life and the opportunity to travel with the people you love.


  • Passenger claim for a service that he thought was included.
  • When the agents in charge do not provide adequate information to the client, which generally results in a complaint.
  • Delay in explaining what the assistance card does and does not cover.


She is happy when her clients’ journey goes as it should since they become repeat clients. She likes when she has growth opportunities so she can improve her company and enjoy a better quality of life.
She gets frustrated when a service doesn’t go as it should, when she gets complaints, when employees don’t explain timecard services properly, and when it causes them to be delayed.

Problem Statement

Elder Soto is a salesperson of the company who seeks to offer the best quality of service of the product he offers and that his clients obtain good benefits because the travel agents will prioritize his product and he will obtain better sales.

Name: Elder Soto

”despite creating a culture with travel agents, many still do not prioritize our service”

hombre vendedor de 45 persona 3

Age: 45
Education: Master’s Degree
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Occupation: Senior Vendor
Income: 5k USD per Month
Family: Wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters
Tech Skills: High
Personality: Active, Funny, 


  • Offer a quality service to my business portfolio and that they are interested in promoting.
  • Achieve the highest compensation so that I can enjoy a good quality of life with my family.
  • Have growth opportunities.


  • Travel agents who do not prioritize my product towards their clients
  • When sales fall for more than a month.
  • Technological deficiencies in the development of my activities


Elder Soto is a salesperson for the travel assistance company who enjoys the company culture.
He likes to make visits to the travel agents of his business portfolio and feel that everything flows in a positive way and this is reflected in obtaining good sales and they are growing month after month.
He gets frustrated when travel agents don’t prioritize the product they offer and gets negative feedback from agency customer complaints. He knows that poor service also affects the travel agency’s recurring customer base, which adds to his frustration.

User Journey Map

The End User:  Martha Vasquez
The Travel Agent: Carolina Zamudio
The Vendor: Elder Soto

User Journey Map: MARTHA

My Goal

My goal is to define how the user purchase process develops in the travel agency and in the travel assistance office as well as the request for assistance.

Persona 1 Mujer de 65

Martha Vasquez, 65
Retired Housewife
Scenario: Martha is about to visit different countries in Europe  so she needs to buy a ticket travel and a cheap travel insurance


User Actions
Task Lists

Enter the travel agency

  • Look for the best destination in the agency and the best price.

Choose the packages

  • An assistant from the travel agency recommends the best package according to their expectations and budget.
  • The assistant recommends the assist card instead a travel insurance.

Buy the ticket and the assist card

  • The travel agent explains the detail of her travel.
  • The travel agent explain how the assist card should be use in case of issues.
  • The end user buy the travel tour and the assist card.

The end-user call the travel assitance

  • The end-user goes to a hospital.
  • After being attended she call the assist card.
  • The support respond the end-user and explain the coverage as insurance.
  • The support explain how to use the assist card.
  • The support helps the end-user.
  • The support recommends where to go to be treated.

Leave the Health Center

  • The end-user receives a call from the travel assistance to confirm her health.
  • The travel assistance informs the end-user about the process.
Feeling Adjective




Frustrated, Tired, Irritated

Annoyed, quite.

Improvement & Opportunities

While the end-user waits for his turn, he can see a video or information on the difference between insurance and travel assistance.

The travel agent should be able to explain in an illustrative and agile way the difference between travel assistance and travel insurance.

easily mention the main assistance guidelines and make sure that the end-user understands them in a pleasant and quick way.

Watch a video about the main general conditions  about the assistance service

The end user should have the whatsapp number of the assistance on his phone so that she can follow the correct steps instead of doing it on his own.

User Journey Map: CAROLINA

My Goal

My goal is to define how the travel agent offers the travel assistance product to the end-user as well as the in-office customer service.

mujer de 35 agente de viajes persona 2

Carolina Zamudio, 36
Travel Agent
Scenario: Carolina hopes to close her week with good sales and satisfied customers who become recurring.


Agent Actions
Task Lists

Invite to waiting room

  • The client enters the waiting room where he can read magazines related to tourism and see images of tours until his turn comes.

Explain the feature of each package

  • The travel agent invites the client in.
  • Explains the characteristics of various tours to the end-user.
  • The end-user takes his time to compare the different packages.
  • The travel agent invites the next customer to the waiting room.
  • The agent agrees with the end-user on the best tourist package.
  • The agent offers travel assistance to the customer with a brief explanation.

Sale Travel Tour to the End-User

  • The travel agent begins the process for the corresponding tour.
  • The travel agent makes the end user sign the conditions of his tour and his assistance.
  • Finally, the travel agent delivers the purchase voucher as well as additional documentation, which is also sent by mail.
  • The travel agent invites you to pick up your physical assistance card at the premises of the responsible company, optionally, for greater knowledge of your travel assistance.

Physically assist card pick up

  • The end-user goes to the travel assistance offices.
  • The receptionist invites the end-user to the waiting room so she can read material related to the company and see images.
  • The receptionist invites the end-user to the reception.
  • The receptionist provides corresponding information about the client’s assistance.
  • The receptionist processes the assistance in physical format for the client.
  • The receptionist explains the characteristics of what was delivered.
    The end-user leaves the premises with the physical documentation.

Travel Agent sale verification

  • The travel agent verifies the sale of travel assistance in the agent-oriented system.
  • The travel agent receives confirmation of your sale in minutes or hours.
  • The travel agent receives the summary of the lost sales or request for reimbursement due to poor management in the explanation of the service.
Feeling Adjective


Enthusiastic, stressed, worried



Grateful, Annoyed

Improvement & Opportunities

While the end-user waits, there should be dynamic and interactive material that easily explains the benefits of the card and its correct use.

The travel agent should be able to explain in an illustrative and agile way the difference between travel assistance and travel insurance.

The travel agent should give links to the travel assistance videos in order to understand the main guidelines

There should be a dynamic way to understand the main guidelines of the travel assistance in a way the end-users feels really interested to know about it.

A system that streamlines the verification of the sale would help travel agents to better organize themselves with their respective end users.

User Journey Map: ELDER

My Goal

My goal is to define how the seller offers the travel assistance card to travel agents.

hombre vendedor de 45 persona 3

Elder Soto, 45
Senior Vendor
Scenario: Elder has an appointment with a travel agent who sells assistance card services and wants to know about the status of sales and inform the agent of new products and benefits as well as provide graphic material.


User Actions
Task Lists

Make the visit to the agency

  • Schedule Visits
  • Prepare material for the visit
  • Call the agent so they know the seller is on the way

Check the product sale status

  • Review roughly the sales of the product, product output, product order and incidents.

Know deeply about the process

  • Investigate about the sales process positive negative aspects.
  • Verify that advertising is displayed properly.

Share the news about the product

  • Share product updates with travel agents.
  • Deliver new advertising and remove old material.
  • Share dates of upcoming updates.

Share the benefits for the agents

  • Share benefits updates for travel agents.
  • Share digital interfaces that they can use to benefit their processes with the attendance card.
  • Share upcoming events aimed at travel agents.
  • Send an email with the summary of the meeting.
Feeling Adjective


Concerned, worried



Optimistic, enthusiastic

Improvement & Opportunities

The vendor should take note digitally and record the meeting so they can analyze the conversation to identify additional relevant data.

Taking photos of the store can help identify factors for improvement in terms of visual marketing presentation and compare the level of success between one and another.

Competitive Audit


How Might We?

To End-Users

How might we make the client know at least the main guidelines of the travel assistance conditions?
How might we do to reduce the number of complaints? (Private)
How might we do to capture the direct attention of the end-user? (Private)

1. How might we make the client know at least the main guidelines of the travel assistance conditions?

1. Create Dynamic Social Media Posts About Condition Features


2. Create General Guidelines of the conditions based on the greatest conflicts registered by the clients in a video format

3. Create dynamic short videos about general conditions

4. Adhere to the physical and virtual format the video links of importance to the client.

5. Place the digital material in points destined for the client, such as the waiting area.

6. Physical Graphic Posts on Top 5 Guidelines

7. An infographic manual as a poster on how assistance is developed

8. An infographic material on the benefits of travel assistance.

9. A step-by-step experience between illustrative and digital material to offer and inform the end user about the product in 3 to 5 minutes with knowledge validations.

To Travel Agent

How might we make them prioritize our products above the competition?
 How might we create value for travel agents? (Private)
How might we strengthen ties with travel agencies? (Private)

1. How might we make them prioritize our products above the competition?

1. Direct the company towards complete digitization in order to offer more competitive prices and with greater benefits for the agent.


2. Offer a rewards program for higher agency sales.

3. Offer a loyalty rewards program.

4. Add a quick purchase system on the agencies’ pages.

5. Sweepstakes for end-users in the agency.

6. Intuitive travel agent affiliation system

To Sellers

How could we make sellers improve their processes before, during and after interviews with travel agents?
How can we maintain good remuneration for salespeople despite low times? (Private)
How can we improve vendor sales? (Private)

1. How could we make sellers improve their processes before, during and after interviews with travel agents?

1. Create a tablet support system for registration with a tracking form.

2. Create a system that identifies the differences between the clients in your portfolio as well as the trends.

3. Use a specialized sales system to identify positive and negative factors.

4. Record the interviews with audio, keep it highly private and analyze the audio to identify opportunities and weaknesses.

Create a form that will be sent to the travel agent to anonymously know their comments on assistance.


Picture 1

1. The end-user sees relevant advertising from a travel agency and enters to the store

Picture 3

3. The agent sells the tour and explains the importance of the assistance cards

Picture 5

5. The agent recommends approaching the assistance card offices for more info and benefits

Picture 2

2. In the waiting room the end-user sees digital ads about tours and the difference between assistance cards and travel insurance

Picture 4

4. After the end-user acquire the tour and the assistance card the agent physically and digitally delivers the info of the acquired card

Picture 6

6. While the end-user wait to be served at the offices, an interactive video shows the conditions, benefits and dynamics which they can participate.




The logo was originally designed by a graphic design company which only made a design without providing a corporate manual or details of the composition of the design.

The idea of the Branding work for Euroamerican Assistance is to provide, in the first instance, an identity of value with the ability to transcend without losing the magic that accompanied its development.

Essentially, work was done on the Design of the Logo, the Commercial Name and the Slogan.

Brand Words

these words form the core of our brand and lead the way for every design decision, marketing decision and customer journey decision, as well as serving as a guide for how we craft and deliver our services


Understanding the Customer

To attract, connect and engage with our audience we need to first understand who they are, what they need and how we can better serve them. In order to do that I will take the samples from Personas and I will add another one


Persona 01

STORY: Abel is a businessman who wants to start a different journey completely alone because he always wanted it. Although he is afraid at the same time, is the first time that he will not travel with his family.
He would like to visit countries with mysteries involved, he want to feel the adrenaline like when he was younger. He looks for new emotions.

men 70 years old


Lone Traveler


  • Age: 72 y.o.
  • Job: Attorney Studio Director
  • Edu: Master Degree
  • Inc: 117.500 USD yper year
  • From: Lima, Peru
  • Fam: Married, 5 Children

Needs / Challenges

  • Very responsible man, with a strong sense of punctuality and values.
  • Doesn’t matter how much it cost what he wants is quality.
  • He is disorganized without his secretary.
  • He can be a bit distracted.
  • He loves when a service is very smooth.
  • Love travel and exploring.
  • He would like to feel protected and accompanied wherever he goes.


Make him feel comfortable, accompanied, and secure


Persona 02

STORY: Dana is a happy, funny and lovely tenist who has won many championships and loves what she does. He use to travel a lot  and love it. She consider a travel perfect when even the issues has a smooth solution.



International Champion


  • Age: 27 y.o.
  • Job: Tenist
  • Edu:Bab’s Degree
  • Inc: 32.000 USD yper year
  • From: Arequipa, Peru
  • Fam: Single

Needs / Challenges

  • Talented sport woman
  • Funny, happy and lovely
  • As a sportswoman, she hopes she can be assisted wherever she goes.
  • She likes to enjoy plenty her travels even if there are issues.
  • She loves to enjoy all the travel experiences.


  • Make here know that she will enjoy her travel.
  • Make her feel that wherever she goes she will enjoy her travel even if there are problems.

Tone of Voice


Tone of voiceserves as an extension of our brand personality and is a way to connect in a more direct way to our customers our voice defines how we sound to them and should always be consistent all touch points and communications


We are responsible but we are not naive
We are caretakers but we are not servants.
We are ethical but we are not distant.
We are adventurous but we are not irresponsible.



After the definition of each stage, the conclusion was reached of the importance that some words had for the company more than others, as well as defining what they really wanted to communicate with the service and, above all, what it is about for the client and for the company. This is how the conclusion was reached.


Disfruta el mundo, viajando seguro


Enjoy the world, traveling secure

Logo Specifications

Logo Definition
Allowed Variables
Different Background

Logo Definition


Digital Orange

Digital Orange: #ED8500
H: 32º
R: 237
G: 133
B: 0

Digital Blue

Digital Blue: #004E9B
H: 208º
R: 0
G: 78
B: 155

Print Orange

Print Orange: #EF9000
c: 0%
m: 55%
y: 99%

Print Blue

Print Blue: #004F9D
c: 98%
y: 3%

The company did not handle defined colors for the digital and printed field, only a specific field of the packaging had a defined color made by a separate printing company which handled the color with physical color mixtures for which it was necessary to define their colors for all the rest surfaces so they can be recognized by them and create an identity of what they really want to demonstrate and communicate when using them, as well as improve the direction of the brand based on it.

By understanding what the color and tone means it can complement and enhance any further marketing strategy.





Sub Family


The company didn’t have its logo typography defined, so I had to analyze the typeface and compare it with thousands of fonts.
Finally, I chose Eras Demi as the most similar typeface by 95% to the original, since the U was different in thickness, especially in the lower area.
The management area accepted Eras Demi font, which is maintained until now.


It is important to determine the correct size so that it is easy to identify, its variants in size will be adjusted according to the official measurement.
Proper size prevents image distortion. Only in special cases can the logo be versatile to reduce the size without losing identity


Allowed Variables

The allowed variables help to adhere the logo in different formats in which it is going to work, regardless of the measure, they must maintain the same proportion as the original format as well as the same typography.

Variable 1
Variable 2
Variable 3
Variable 4
Variable 5

Different Backgrounds

If the background changes, the designer can vary in the most appropriate format represented in this section, so that the logo don’t lose brand identification and what it communicates.

Black Background 1
Black Background EUA 2
Blue Background 3
Orange Background 4

Refining the Design

Posts Design
Web Features

Post Design

Simple post with text 2013

Idea: Simple post design to understand audience
Main Action: Call the attention

19 ago 2013

Jul 2013

23 de julio 2013

Aug 2013

Sketch Simple Post 2013

Idea: Simple post design to understand audience
Main Action: Call the attention and interact

Sketch Improve Post 2014

Idea: Improve the design 
Main Action: Let know important info about the service

post 2014 - 2015

Idea: Improve the design post and define a post architecture for future
Main Action: call attention with important info and keep being fun

post-minimalista-eua5 - 2013

Feb 2014

condiciones de forma interactiva

Oct 2014

post eua dic2015

Oct 2014


The videos were born as an agile and simple way for end users to be aware of the main guidelines of the General Conditions of their assistance card.
The high number of complaints originated in the failure to read the general conditions of the end users.
The Scoail network publication method added to the video publication method helped to deliver the message more easily without boring the end user.
This greatly helped to reduce the number of simple complaints which were given on a daily basis.
Content was also created in the form of travel tips to avoid boredom with the same content and provide more dynamism and relevance to the video section, under this modality the contests were also dynamic.

Web Features

General Conditions

Main Guidelines of the general conditions in video format in a space on the front page of the web to help customers know the characteristics of the service and have the correct information to avoid future simple complaints.


Work With Us

The company was having trouble finding suitable and loyal staff.  The strategy for his case was to create a “Work with Us” web model in which the supervisor participated so that his work is lightened and the processes are streamlined.

Work With Us

Reaching the Goals

About the Service
Remind the Services


First it was necessary to understand the audience, which they already had. Separate the followers who are family and friends of the company’s staff from the followers who are clients or public that have no direct relationship with the company.

Family and friends usually participate continuously in any type of publication, for which it would be easy to identify their quick “likes” in any publication. The continuous publication was going to reveal soon that it was going to stop being frequent and on the contrary we would begin to see the true followers little by little. Once I was able to get an approximation of the real audience, I directed my dynamic advertising towards them.

Fun Questions

Create Participation






Consejo Infografico

After making different types of publications I measured which type of publications was more successful to focus on similar publications and work on a proposal related to measurement that can attract more public without the need to invest in paid advertising through a contest.

After finishing developing the proposal, it was approved by the management area and they decided that the prize would be a ticket to Chanchamayo, Peru

The contest proposal was developed graphically for Facebook.

The contest was a success and the first goal of attracting more followers, enhance fidelity and bringing the brand closer to the end user was achieved.

Thanks to this event, 4 more contests were created with different dynamics to measure the best and replicate it later.


Jul 2013
PROMO Prueba FORMATO 5 pts
Jan 2015

Over time, various contests were developed, the latter was the most successful and the easiest to develop. They continued with this kind of contest in later years.


About the Service

Bringing the general conditions closer in a dynamic and interactive way was the second phase of the design. In this way current and future customers could know some main details about the assistance card, this strategy helped to reduce the number of complaints

condiciones de forma interactiva

Remind the Services

Reminding services daily with a different design background captures any new or current user and informs them of the main benefits of the assistance card.

Remind the services
sobre servicios


Next Steps

Redesign the Web Design and upgrade it with new features

Create an intelligent AI system powered by Big Data to improve analysis and improve sales

Develop website for travel agencies with a mutual benefit strategy



Simple claim complaints were reduced by 45% after 7 months, this was a significant point given that no effort had ever been made to reduce complaints before.
This point would be essential as a basis for future improvements.
The company created a system to improve the relationship between the agency and the seller as well as to have more accurate data.
The renewal of the brand as well as the creation of dynamics with end users helped the strategies to bring the brand closer to them.

The Management Area considered it insignificant to change the design of the web with the art recommendations during the process in which it participated. He did it 2 years later.

What I learned:

As much as you have good ideas, it is always good to check what the company’s mission, vision and values are. If they do not have it or have copied one or it is too simple, help develop it as this can play a crucial role when proposing a project.
I found out that the company’s culture was the main focus of the brand after a few months, so some ideas that I thought were considered good for other management areas were not taken into account by the marketing area.

For my next projects, I will ensure that the company has a good development on its mission, vision and values and create a better Project Charter.

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