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A Little of History

The need to make it a profession is understandable given that in the case of some web designers they were not managed under this coherent understanding, rather I would say that they were not web designers but creators of web content that helped facilitate contact with clients for which there was not necessarily an organization in the content so that it is attractive to the eye and avoids being a read that is tiring to read, but also provides reading and viewing advantages to people with possible vision or reading problems, plus many pages especially the old ones had designs in which the important information required by the user was not easily found, so they could spend too much time on the page without finding the information.

While artificial intelligence appeared publicly since the adoption of marketing strategies in different areas to measure public interactions with different types of content, especially advertising.

Sometime later, it specialized in various professions, for example, due to the large amount of data collected, the specialty of Big Data was created, which was only a part of Artificial Intelligence, like Machine Learning, and now there are professionals specialized in it.

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Artificial Intelligence in UX Design

Artificial Intelligence in UX Design (User Experience Design) refers to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve user interaction and satisfaction with a digital product or service. This can include tasks such as personalization, recommendation, automation, and user experience optimization. AI in UX seeks to create more efficient solutions adapted to the individual needs of users.

Together with the innovations of this year 2023 about automatic designs and the versatility of some existing tools, we could say that UX Design, especially the related to UI Design, will be enhanced in many of its areas starting this year and still more in the near future.

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How AI currently helps to make better UX Designs?

Artificial Intelligence can help improve UX design in several ways:

Data Analysis: The Artificial Intelligence can collect and analyze user data in real-time to identify patterns and trends in user behavior. This can help UX designers better understand user needs and expectations and create more effective designs.

Data analysis with Artificial Intelligence is a valuable tool to improve UX design in many sectors. By collecting and analyzing real-time data on user behavior, AI can help UX designers better understand user needs and expectations, allowing them to create more effective designs.

For example, AI can help UX designers determine which features and design elements are most popular and effective for a specific audience. This may include information about the frequency of use of certain features, the abandonment rate at certain points in the workflow, and other similar data.

In addition, AI can also help UX designers identify potential design issues, such as lack of accessibility for people with disabilities, difficult navigation, and similar issues. Armed with this information, UX designers can take steps to improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Some tools for this purpose are:


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Personalization: Personalization with AI is a valuable tool to improve UX design in many sectors. AI may be used to personalize the user experience based on information collected about individual user behavior and preferences.

For example, a website may use AI to collect information about user’s interests and preferences and customize their experience based on this information. This may include recommending specific products or content based on the user’s previous purchases and searches, or customizing the appearance and navigation of the site based on user preferences.

AI personalization can also help UX designers improve the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns by enabling them to target specific audiences and adapt to individual user preferences and behaviors.

Some tools for this purpose are:


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Natural interactions: Natural interactions with Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way users interact with digital products and are having a significant impact on UX design. AI can be used to allow users to interact with digital products in a more natural way, using spoken language or gestures.

For example, virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa use AI to allow users to interact with them through voice commands. This can improve the user experience by making the interaction more intuitive and natural.

In addition, AI can also be used to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. For example, AI can be used to allow users to interact with digital products through gestures or voice commands instead of requiring interaction with a keyboard or mouse.

Some tools for this purpose are:

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A/B Testing: A/B testing with Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way UX designers optimize their digital products. AI can be used to analyze vast amounts of data and provide recommendations on which variants of a digital product are performing best and why.

For example, a UX designer can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to A/B test a landing page and assess how different elements on the page, such as the title, header image, and call-to-action button, are influencing the conversion rate. AI can analyze vast amounts of data and provide insight into which variants are performing better and why.

In addition, A/B tests with AI can be more effective than traditional A/B tests, as they can analyze more data in less time and provide more accurate recommendations.

Some tools for this purpose are:
AB Testing

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All these are functionalities that today are already possible to use within UX Design and that not all companies use due to various factors, most of them due to ignorance, as I always mention, a Digital Designer, whatever the field, must always be updated. and this is not always the case, so it is important that you can always offer better ways of working either for the company you represent or to lighten your own work and provide better results on your work which will make you more competitive yourself like the company you work with.

In the next article, I will talk about the 13 Advances of the Future of UX Design with AI

If you would like additional information about how your organization can benefit from using an AI on UX Design or need assistance with implementation please reach out – I am here ready willing & able to help!

Thank you for reading.

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