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As technology continues to evolve and develop, so do the roles of business owners. In 2023, a new job position is emerging that has the potential to revolutionize how companies operate: AI Manager. This role requires individuals who are adept at harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to optimize operations and create more efficient solutions for businesses.

An AI Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of an organization’s use of AI technology – from development and implementation through optimization – ensuring maximum value delivery with each solution created or improved upon by using this powerful toolset. As such, it’s critical that these professionals stay up-to-date on trends in both artificial intelligence as well as their particular industry so they can quickly implement improvements whenever needed in order to maintain a competitive edge over other organizations within their sector.

The potential benefits associated with having an experienced professional dedicated solely towards maximizing your company’s use of artificial intelligence cannot be understated; not only could you potentially save money by streamlining processes or improving customer service but also gain insight into areas where you may have been previously unaware existed due to lack resources or personnel expertise focusing on those specific tasks before now! By leveraging this cutting-edge toolset properly managed by qualified personnel like an AI Manager, businesses can unlock tremendous growth opportunities across all facets – from cost savings initiatives through increased revenue streams – thus making them more profitable than ever before!


My Story

Recently a travel agent contacted me to find out how I could help her implement the Artificial Intelligence technologies that were appearing. The owner of the travel agency told me that she was about to close her business because costs have risen in the city where her business is located and although there was public demand for her product, operating expenses were increasing and she couldn’t keep the staff salaries so the business was not profitable.

She found out about the rise of artificial intelligence recently and knew immediately that these technologies could effectively help her business but she did not know how to implement them, besides she would not have the time for it, so she hoped to know how it could help her.
Although I didn’t consider myself an expert in AIs at that moment, I have been studying the best ones, day and night, some days without sleeping, I have learned about the technology that is inside, I have given myself time to reflect, test and with my technical experience I decided to help her.

Already in work, I realized that this function was very similar to being a Social Media Manager, but at a higher or different level because, in addition to handling some technical issues typical of different professions and areas, it was relevant the importance of understanding intelligence, how it processes the information to properly develop the prompts.

What does an AI Manager do?

Similar to a social media manager, an AI manager is in charge of overseeing all AIso implemented in the business and performing development work on each one of them. As a result, they may have a variety of specialties for various functions or even be familiar with the majority of AIso that support various areas.

Depending on what is required, different levels of relative knowledge will be required. 

How can an AI Manager help my business?

The AI manager will help reduce production and personnel costs, increase productivity, save time, reduce processes, speed up the achievement of objectives, recommend investments to achieve objectives and focus efforts on other areas of need.
For the adaptation of the AI Manager, it will be very important that the professional or the company has the knowledge of Project Management since this simple staff will reformulate different areas of the company or the entire business model if its necessary, and believe it will be.

What industries will benefit from the AI manager?

All. I can’t think of a single type of company that could not benefit in a minimal way at least.
Obviously, for the moment in which we are at this precise moment January 2023, I would say that strongly in B2C (Business to Customer) B2E (Business to Employee) sales companies and a few for B2B (Business to Business), C2B (Client to Business ), B2G (Business to Government).
Of course, there are some other companies that, due to the business model, will not initially have a greater impact on this, but it will simply be due to a lack of generally developed technologies in this field

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How do I become an AI Administrator?

At the moment there is no formal training in this field, however, if there is, it may only initially be informative and possibly become a basic course over the years but I don’t really think any course will make it possible that students being up to date each day, I guess the best way to know about AI is by getting the knowledge every day and demonstrate that knowledge.

The minimum necessary characteristics of this professional would ideally be the following:

– Graphic Design Advanced or Expert level
– Audio and Video editing basic or Intermediate knowledge
– Knowledge of HTML, Css, Js code.
– Knowledge in managing WordPress at Intermediate or Advanced level
– Ideally knowledge in Python and/or PHP Basic or Intermediate Level
– Knowledge in UX Design
– Knowledge of global Social Media administrators such as HootSuit.
– Knowledge of the latest technologies and trends with the ability to make a weekly or monthly report on them and how they can be adapted to the business.

This last one is super important since this field advances to each insurance, but also to have ideas of what can appear, because some things will only appear if you search for them, in case of basic or intermediate knowledge of Python or PHP it helps that in If this possible idea is not found, it must be created, for which it is important to know how to use some technologies found on Github or other similar sources where the code is free to use but it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge of Python or PHP for its adaptation.


How much does an AI Manager earn?

Well, it is still complex to talk about an exact figure, since it will depend on the knowledge and the functions that you perform, but approximately from about 400 dollars in case of minimum knowledge to 5000 dollars per month with advanced knowledge, but it should be noted that it is very likely that you will not end up applying that advanced knowledge of each function in no time, because technology advances very fast today, so there could be a waste of resources.
It would be necessary to emphasize that much of this value of work will not only be due to his highly technical knowledge but really to his ability to project and adequately implement technologies.

IA Manager como Cyborgs

As a business owner or hiring manager, you may be wondering if Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help your company succeed. The answer is yes! AI has the potential to revolutionize how businesses operate and streamline processes that were once manual and time-consuming.

The AI Manager will end up lightening the load of personnel, reducing processes, and providing an efficient way to manage tasks in any organization. It is important for companies to be prepared for this type of transformation by implementing the necessary changes needed for operability as well as adapting their business model accordingly. It’s true that this function could lead to fewer personnel within a company; however, it also allows more employees to focus on other areas where AI hasn’t yet reached its full potential such as customer service, RRHH or psychology.

For example, maybe for your company, you will not need anymore call center personnel thanks to AI implementations but you will possibly require different kinds of researchers in order to find customer preferences with Ai and this is just one example of how to go ”further”.

If you would like additional information about how your organization can benefit from using an AI Manager or need assistance with implementation please reach outI am here ready willing & able to help! As proof positive of what Artificial Intelligence can do – all images used in this article have been generated through AIs capabilities!

Thank you for reading!


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